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Top Hotels and Apartments to Stay in London

There is something exhilarating about taking a holiday; the travelling and the excitement of discovering new places, the idea of relaxation and exploring as well as the chance to see a whole new world. 

One can confidently argue it out that London is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Filled with breathtaking scenery and brimming over with rich history, this city is a must visit for everyone who truly cares for an exciting holiday experience.

The biggest problem for most people on vacation is finding suitable accommodation which is not only affordable but also comfortable, convenient and appropriate. This is what gives London an edge as a tourist destination. The city is filled with magnificent hotels and apartments that cater for every budget and preference. Here are some of Londonís best hotels and apartments including a bit of information on why they come so highly recommended.

Bulgari Hotel

Arguably one of Londonís best high end hotels, the Bulgari screams out class right from the entrance. With a themed Bulgari brooch look, the makers of this hotel did not spare anything when it comes to style. Luxurious staircases, plush lounges and exquisitely furnished rooms give this hotel an air of class and pomp all entwined into one. This finesse and extreme indulgence does not come cheap with a room going for approximately £600. As earlier mentioned, it is quite the high end hotel but you will relish every second you spend in it. True value for money is what the Bulgari Hotel offers.

The Savoy Hotel

If you are looking for a hotel in London that has a long standing legacy, then the Savoy is where you want to be. The beauty of staying at the Savoy is that it is so centrally placed in the city. Adjacent to the choicest attractions such as the National gallery, theatres and a myriad of restaurants, this hotel is the perfect place to stay when in London. Admittedly, it is not a cheap option or even reasonable if you are on a tight budget because each night will cost you a mind blowing £500. Suffice it to say, it is worth every single dime.

Hazlitt’s Hotel

If you are looking for quiet decadence coupled with a true sense of style then the Hazlitt’s is where you should stay. Everything in this hotel looks, smells, and feels authentic. You can expect heavy drapes, fireplaces, creaking floorboards and beautiful artwork. A night’s stay at the Hazlitt’s will not leave you financially crippled; a room goes for £200 a night. Compared to other top hotels in the city, Hazlitt’s can only be described as refreshingly different.

Cheval Three Quays Apartments

If you are looking for apartments in London, you will unfailingly hear about this amazing establishment. Comprising of not just one but also two and three bedroom apartments, the Cheval is as convenient as can be. It is located at a vantage spot in London offering guests breathtaking scenery from the various rooms. The management at Cheval think of your comfort and peace of mind first and if you are on holiday, this is exactly what you need. 

Claverley Court Apartments

Sometimes all you need when on vacation is privacy and pampering. Claverley apartments offer you that and more. With out of this world service and exceptional discretion this is the perfect hideaway for anyone looking to enjoy some peace and quiet. It is centrally located allowing you fast access to other amenities in the city. You can get up to three bedroom apartments at Claverley Court making it ideal for both a small and big entourage.

Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites

If you are looking for fully furnished and equipped apartments, then the Taj 51 is a nice place to stay. One very obvious plus is its location; it is in the palace area. Aside from the thrill of being in the vicinity of royalty the Taj 51 has incredible amenities that will keep you coming back each year. The kitchens in the apartments are complete with ovens, freezers and everything else you may need. You can make your own meals, do your own laundry and basically be at home away from home. These apartments vary in cost and are considerably pricey but there is true value for money in the quality of service.


No matter where you decide to stay in London, one thing remains standard; always confirm accommodation details such as availability and pricing before you pack your bags. This saves you a lot of trouble in the long run. Hotels offer you a welcome break from the monotony of daily life where you have to take care of everything. Apartments on the other hand are a great way for you to feel at home away from your actual abode.



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